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After my career as a competitor, I had more time for teaching and training others. I do this in my job as national junior coach, within my own club, but also when asked for judo projects. The best way to share my experience and work with judokas is during a training camp. This means daily sessions for two days up to two weeks.

There is so much to tell and teach and you cannot expect to master techniques and tactics within a few weeks, let alone in one day.

As of 2009, the first year of my retirement, I have lead training camps in several countries around the world. I really like to work with people for several days so I can explain and adjust the execution of techniques in different judo situations.

I work on subjects like tachi-waza & ne-waza techniques, kumi-kata (gripping), competition tactics and randori, depending on the interest and needs of the participants.

If you are organising a training camp, don't hesitate to contact me about possibilities.