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HUIZINGA - TOTAL JUDO tells the story of my judo career.

DVD 1 shows techniques and competition examples. Divided into four masterclasses I will show in detail 25 techniques, variations and solutions. All demonstrated techniques are followed by many corresponding competition examples: over 115 scores I made during national, European and World championships, World Cups, Olympic Games and more. This material comes from several archives, some of which have never been shown before.

DVD 2 contains 50 minutes of interviews, mixed with photos and videos of major competitions.

In the DVD menu you can choose three languages: English, Dutch and French. On DVD 1 all commentary comes from me. The interviews on DVD 2 are spoken in English.

Including 40
competition examples!
Masterclass 1: Sleeve & lapel

My judo from a standard grip: left hand on the lapel, right on the sleeve. A good basis is essential to create a complete judo system.

- ko-uchi-gari
- o-uchi-gari
- o-soto-gari
- uchi-mata
- uchi-mata to tai-o-toshi
- tai-o-toshi to harai-goshi
- yoko-tomoe-nage 1
- yoko-tomoe-nage 2
- yoko-tomoe-nage with twitch


Including 40
competition examples!

Masterclass 2: Sleeves

I have developed an arsenal of techniques from just gripping one sleeve. With that, I can surprise to all directions.

- sleeve-seoi-nage
- ko-uchi-maki-komi right
- sode-tsuri-komi-goshi
- ko-uchi-maki-komi left
- kata-guruma 1
- kata-guruma 2
- Huizinga-kata-guruma


Including 10
competition examples!

Masterclass 3: Ne-waza

Groundwork is a essential part of my judo system. I was unbeaten in ne-waza for 13 years. I will show you my main weapons.

- bearhug-turnover
- juji-gatame
- sankaku-jime
- Huizinga-roll


Including 27
competition examples!
Masterclass 4: Defence to attack

I have developed solutions to score against physically stronger opponents. From a dominated posture I scored many big ippons.

- tani-o-toshi
- ura-nage
- Huizinga-uchi-mata
- uchi-mata-sukashi
- uchi-mata-gaeshi

I have spoken for hours in the Fighting Films studio. From all that material, we chose 50 minutes for the interview DVD.

Subjects that I speak about:

- My beginning as a judoka
- Experiencing top level judo
- People that have inspired me
- Video archive & video analysis
- My trainer Chris de Korte
- Dealing with pressure
- Development of my Total Judo system
- Making choices in life
- My European titles
- The day I became Olympic champion
- Losing at the 2008 Olympic Games