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Judo clinics are basically lessons of judo. It can be done at a judo club, together with other clubs, with a business, there are many possibilities. Depending on the group it involves learning, play, video, competition, entertainment, autographs, picture taking, whatever suits the occasion. I will name the most common forms.

It is always nice to work with the energy of children on the tatami. Sometimes they learn in a different setting with new children and a clinic is their chance to fight an Olympic champion and pose together for a picture afterwards!

A clinic mostly takes place in a judo club or a sports hall. The number of participants may vary from 10 to hundreds. Of course, it is possible to divide the participants in two or three groups of roughly the same level.

I really like to work with experienced judokas. With them I can share my experience of the details that make the difference in competition. I have developed several specific techniques that I have used at the highest level to win important matches.

I have been working for years to perfect my technique to make them as effective as possible. Sometimes this means working on the basics, sometimes working on the small details.

A clinic is not only about technique. It is also about sharing the experience, the philosophy of judo and anecdotes.

I also lead training camps for judokas that really want to improve their game by training with me for a few days.

For people who have never played the game of judo, it is a special experience to put on a judo suit, wear a (white) belt and step barefoot on the soft judo mat. That's how it starts!

After some explanation and a safe warming-up, we start with judo and everyone will feel what it is like to grab a partner, make throws and try to keep someone in a holddown. Safe, fun and a great way to get to know each other, like colleagues.

Every occasion and every group requires its own approach. The set-up can be hundreds of judokas in several groups or maybe just 10 beginners on the tatami.

I bring equipment to show video footage during the clinics. Partipants can try their skills on me and everyone recieves a signed autograph card. For the children, one autograph might not be enough, I can sign their judo suit, belt, bag or whatever they like.

Are you interested, do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me to explore the possibilities.