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I have known Fighting Films since I was watching over and over again my VHS-recordings of aired judo competitions in the late eigthies. After my own judo career I got in contact with Danny Hicks, director of Fighting Films. After some talks we decided to make a DVD about my judo. After a year of preperations, recordings, editing, writing, voice-overs and tweaking, the end result came late 2011: the DVD-set HUIZINGA - TOTAL JUDO.

In 2010 we started determining the contents, collecting and screening archives (Fighting Films, national and regional broadcasters, French Judo Federation, my personal archive), dividing chapters and planning dates. When you start from scratch, it takes some time to get a clear and common view on the project.

In June 2010 I went to Bristol (UK) to discuss with the team the schedule for the first recordings. What to include, which combinations, what to skip and what details to highlight. After two days I left Bristol with new homework.

One week later I returned for the studio recordings. I showed all the techniques in a two day shoot in the dojo of Bath University. My ukes were Andy Burns and ...

The day (and part of the night) after we did the English interviews in the studio in Bristol.

The recording days were intense and we succeeded in getting everything on film. We lacked time to review all material on the spot, but I had much trust in the skills of the Fighting Films crew.

After the raw version was edited, we could cut, paste, shift and tweak, after which we wrote the English script and subsequently the Dutch commentary script.

In the meantime we had decided that I would do all voice overs myself. This was not common practice in similar products, but I wanted to tell the viewers myself what I was doing and why.

So I faced a new challenge: speaking 80 pages of English voice over, 80 in Dutch and then 80 in French. In the summer of 2011 I travelled to Bristol twice to get the work done in the audio studio. It was quite a job, but we managed: everything was recorded.

You can put a DVD in a standard black container with a printed A4 in the sleeve. But I wanted the product to be presented in a better way. I wanted to convince interested people of the rich contents of the DVDs. We came up with a slipcase and a three-way folded container. It gave us the opportunity to print more info and images on the box.

Producing a DVD is a great process, but it will be more interesting if people actually buy the product. So this means promotion. We recorded promo videos in three languages, which were edited into slick trailers.

I have built this website, have advertisements published, made  banners, I give interviews, designed print work, ordered stand material and made arrangements with other companies.

If you read the above, it seems like I did most of the work myself. But believe me, the team of Fighting Films have worked hard and long to make this product possible.

My gratitude goes out to Danny Hicks, Dan O'Connell, Adam Bell, Jack and Bob Willingham, Sharon Da Costa, Emmanuel Charlot, Andy Burns, Adam Hall, Kees Jongkind, Neil Adams, Jorien van Beek, Willy Theel and everyone else who contributed to this production.